About Technology Assurance Labs

Technology Assurance Labs, formed in March 2003, as a privately owned Limited Liability Company headquartered in Oviedo, Florida. It is an independent laboratory that specializes in serving equipment vendors, venture capital groups, and service providers. Technology Assurance Labs was formed by Ken Stauffer and Doug Peeples, who also created EPIK Labs in 2000. The founders had over 30 years experience in the telecommunications business having worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories, IBM, NORTEL, EPIK Communications, and numerous other companies. In 2000 they lead a group to create the vision and design for the “NAP of the Americas,” in Miami, Florida. They also architected, designed, tested, and deployed a statewide, 10G Fiber Optic Network, with Ethernet and IP routing for the State of Florida DOT Turnpike Tolls.


Why Us?

We are an independent, fee based Labs, not aligned with any vendor. This allows us to work with you to understand your needs, then recommend technologies which fit your requirements. Selecting technology is like getting married; it is a long term relationship, expensive to back out of. The technology space is always turbulent so we’ll guide you through the confusion. As firms staff to support tactical decisions, forward-looking research and strategic planning gets moved to the back burner. Technology Assurance Labs is uniquely positioned to support your staff on strategic projects and take on complex technical issues from theoretical stages to completion, allowing your in-house staff to focus on the tactical business. We give senior management the confidence to invest and ensure a return on shareholder dollars.